Golem: Amazing new Playstation VR game

Golem: Amazing new Playstation VR game

There are many things that virtual reality can offer to us, even before the headsets are officially released to the market. For starters, interesting demos with people flying in space, visiting planets and exploring sights that are not easily accessible to humans, or dreadful experiences coming from horror games. Even so, I’ve found myself wondering how virtual reality will advance our capability for storytelling.

Golem managed to hit a special note inside me—the adventurous kid’s one

During Sony’s latest event, PSX (Playstation Experience), many games were revealed. While some sported gigantic robots playing golf (100Ft Robot Golf; I mean, come on? It can’t get more obvious), and we got many announcements regarding the future of PS4 and Playstation VR, there was a particular teaser about a game called Golem. Even though I can’t say I’m not already intrigued enough playing as a 100Ft tall robot, Golem managed to hit a special note inside me—the adventurous kid’s one.

This particular game will be about a kid that is seriously injured and has to lie on his bed (or her bed, it’s not clear yet) ‘dreaming of exploring the outside world.’ That kid soon develops a unique skill—the power to create rock creatures named Golems. Through their eyes, and body, the kid will have the ability to gradually explore his/her surroundings. After a while, his/her power will get stronger, ending up at creating, and controlling, 15ft tall Golems.

I don’t know about you, but this game sounds like a hell of game to me. Using Golems like metaphorical means to expanding your point of view, and using your fantasy to actually travel through space, this is the kind of narrative ideas that virtual reality needs to become really popular. Every adult hides an ‘injured kid’ inside him, and it’s not too much to say that the main character works as an interpretation of one’s self.

Every adult hides an ‘injured kid’ inside him, and it’s not too much to say that the main character works as an interpretation of one’s self

Furthermore, the fact that the game features original music from Marty O’Donnell—the man behind the music in Halo and Destiny—greatly enhances the atmosphere of the game. Being currently developed from a small, independent studio that was founded by industry’s veterans, Golem is one of those games that help move the industry forward.

From a Playstation Conversation video we get more information about how the game will play. In this video you can see that the team aims to use Sony’s full line up aimed at Virtual Reality, meaning Playstation Move and Playstation VR, of course. However, a great part of the video is dedicated to the award-winning composer and his endeavor at creating the score behind the game. Even so, it’s a great watch if you want to get more info on this upcoming title.

Highwire Games decided to actively build its first game, Golem, from the grounds up with their eyes on Playstation VR. If that was a good decision or not, remains to be seen. For now, prepare to be enchanted by the mystical teaser of Golem. For more news about indie games, and everything VR relatedComputer Technology Articles, stay tuned in our site.

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