Why Creating Content Online is Important to Me

Why Creating Content Online is Important to Me

By Kirk Buchanan

It was somewhere around the middle of 2017 when I recorded and uploaded my first video to YouTube. That’s a little over two years ago as I write this, but it feels like much, much longer than that because of the amount of time and effort I’ve invested into it. To date, I have uploaded over 260 videos and I’ve managed to secure approximately 20,000 subscribers and over 1.2 million video views. I’m not sharing these stats to brag, (because what’s there to brag about really) and I don’t expect these numbers to wow most people, but I am pleasantly surprised, because I doubted myself for years and didn’t think I had what it takes or that I was smart enough to teach people to do anything meaningful or better yet, get anyone to listen to what I had to say.

While I am satisfied with the performance of my channel over the past two years, it wasn’t a walk in the park for me. It was difficult for me to start creating content online and there were times when I felt like giving up. But before I get to the point of this article (My Why), let’s backtrack to where and how it all started for me. 

In early 2016, my eCommerce business started to grow at a pace that I wasn’t expecting. My socks company grew by over 300% in under 12 months, moving from $10,000 in revenue in 2015 to doing over $40,000 in 2016 (not too bad for a side hustle if you ask me). Throughout 2016, I spent a lot of time learning and testing new marketing strategies in my business. I studied persuasive techniques, marketing psychology and digital advertising in-depth. I immersed myself into these topics, I read over 50 books and watched countless YouTube videos, and I saw that what I was learning was working for my business. I was ecstatic and I wanted to share my new-found knowledge with other struggling entrepreneurs, but I wasn’t confident enough in my abilities to do so, therefore I ended up spending the entire 2016 trying to psych myself up, to share what I found. 

To put it simply, I was fearful. I was fearful of what people would think of me. Will anyone listen to me? Will they think I am a fraud? Will I get hate comments? These are a few of the questions that I kept asking myself every day for an entire year before I recorded my first video. In early 2017 I shared my frustration with someone I met online and he recommended a book called The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and that was the turning point for me. I owe so much to this book and author because it helped me understand the importance of sharing knowledge with the world, I strongly recommend it. Even though I was still struggling with self-doubt, I finally decided to Just Do It in spite of fear. 

One late evening after completing Bob’s book, I switched on my laptop and recorded my first video. Let me tell you, the video was total crap. I didn’t own a camera or any fancy equipment, all I had at the time was my laptop’s webcam. The words coming out of my mouth may have been good but the quality of the video and audio was very poor. I cringe every time I watch one of my first 50 videos but I am still proud of them because they remind me of how I was able to overcome a certain fear in my life. 

I’m really glad I started creating content online because through it, I’ve been able to help thousands of people right across the world and that in and of itself is my biggest achievement to date. That was my Why, I wanted to help as many people as possible. I’ve been using my content to impact people’s lives in ways that they can advance themselves and their families, and that’s one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever felt. I’ve gotten countless emails and messages from people saying that I’ve helped them pay off debt, provide for their kids and just make more money in general and it warms my heart. Besides that, creating content has also helped me to improve some critical areas of my own life as well. I have learned and developed skills in video creation and editing, public speaking, persuasion, search engine optimization etc. It has also allowed me to increase my influence and impact and of course make more money. 

Creating content has helped me in a lot of ways and I hope you’re inspired to start creating and sharing your view of things with the world. It can open up a lot of doors for you and you get to have a lot of fun doing it.

Thank you Kirk Buchanan for sharing your amazing story!

Learn more about Kirk, visit his website at https://kirkbuchanan.net/links/. There you can find his YouTube Channel and the best way to get in touch with him for business inquiries. 


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